Crack and Chip Windshield Repair

About Crack and Chip Windshield Repair

crack and chip windshield repair
Best Windshield Chip Repair in Indianapolis- We come to you!

Crack and chip windshield repair entails fixing that tiny chip or crack before it destroys your windshield.

A small chip, crack or ding in your windshield not only compromises your safety, but can spread across the glass.

If this happens you’ll need a brand new windshield…And new windshields are not cheap!

    • If you have it repaired before it’s too late, you’ll save a lot of headache and money.
    • Windshield repair is inexpensive and quick-and in most cases your auto insurance will cover it 100%. And if you opt to pay it yourself the price is very reasonable.
    • Windshield repair cost is very reasonable.Windshield Repair Doc charges $80 for a standard windshield repair while our competitors charge between $75-125.
Indianapolis Crack and Chip Repair
Indianapolis Crack and Chip Repair

What is Crack and Chip Windshield Repair?

Windshield repair is a permanent process that removes air from the crack or chip and fills it with a curable resin. The process bonds the glass together and restores strength and structural integrity of the windshield.

Whereas the purpose of the repair is to prevent the break from spreading further, often our repair process will improve the break’s appearance. (Note that you will still be able to see the crack or chip, but the appearance is much more minimal than without the repair.)

Crack and Chip Windshield Repair Indianapolis
crack and chip windshield repair

Is Windshield Repair right for me?

Windshield repair is the right option for you if the damage:

    • is smaller than a dollar bill

    • is not on the edge of the windshield

    • is not in your line of sight

    • is 3 chips/cracks/dings or less


Windshield repair in Indianapolis is FREE with insurance approval AND your insurance rates will not increase! See ‘Windshield Repair Cost’.

But, if you prefer not to use insurance see our prices below.

All below prices include our convenient mobile service:

    • $80 first chip
    • $20 each additional chip on same windshield

So….Why call Windshield Repair Doc?

Top quality products and service

Same day service in most cases

  • It’s quick…most windshield repair can be done in 20 minutes or less.
  • All repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty (warranties do not apply if the damage is longer than a dollar bill)
  • You’ll save your windshield from having to be completely replaced!

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