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A Rock Hit My Windshield and Left a Chip, Now What?

A Rock Hit My Windshield and Left a Chip, Now What?rock hit windshield

If a rock hit your windshield recently and left a chip, what should you do?

Windshield rock chips are quite common and happen when small rocks land on your windshield when you are driving on the highway.

Furthermore, dump trucks may also send small rocks or debris onto your windshield while driving behind them.

However, no matter how the damage is caused, how should you handle it?

Should I Repair the Rock Chip on my Windshield or Ignore It?

Your best bet is to fix it as soon as possible. Windshield rock hit damage will usually turn into a long crack if left alone.

How Can I Tell if It Needs to Be Repaired or Not?

A rock chip on your windshield that you should get repaired is one that penetrates through the first layer of glass. This is different from a surface chip or surface ding, which barely scrapes the surface.

A surface chip is usually only cosmetic and does not need to be repaired while most other chips do require a repair.

Read more about different kinds of windshield chips here. 

Who Pays for the Damage?

You may not be lucky enough to chase down the driver of the car that tossed the rock on your windshield and make him or her pay for the damage. And even if you do, there is no solid way to prove that it was his or her fault.

So, basically, you will have to pay for the damage. However, if you have comprehensive auto insurance, most likely your insurance provider will cover that cost 100%. It’s a good idea to check with them first. In addition, you can read more about free windshield chip repairs through your insurance here. 

How Long Can I Drive with a Windshield Rock Chip?

That’s a good question. Sometimes you can drive for years without the chip cracking out. However, it’s more likely that the rock chip will turn into a long crack pretty quickly if you don’t fix it.


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