Free Windshield Repair

Free Windshield Repair

Free Windshield Repair -How does it work?

Free Windshield Repair
Free Windshield Repair

Free windshield repair? It’s simple. Insurance companies realize that it is cheaper to cover the cost of repairing a windshield rather than replacing a windshield.

Most auto insurance companies cover the cost of windshield repairs in Indianapolis and throughout the country if you have comprehensive coverage. The best thing is that your rates do NOT increase.

Why do they waive the deductible? Getting a chip or crack in your windshield is usually not your fault and can happen to anyone. They will waive your deductible to encourage you to get it fixed now rather than covering your more expensive  windshield replacement later.

How Does Free Windshield Repair Work?

Just bring your insurance card when you get your chip and crack repair. You’ll call the number on the insurance card, and tell them you have a chip or crack in your windshield– don’t worry, we’ll walk you through everything.

They will ask you when it happened and verify that you are indeed the owner of the vehicle. (Because Windshield Repair Doc is an authorized repair company, we can work with all insurance companies.) 

Then they will give us an approval number which allows us to repair your chipped windshield. The whole process of calling your insurance company takes about 2-3 minutes.

Your insurance company will pay us directly and you won’t pay a penny.

Most insurance companies waive the deductible which makes this service FREE for you.

Keeping in mind that the tiny chip or crack in your windshield WILL run sooner or later…you can either get a FREE windshield repair now, or pay your insurance deductible (which can be upwards of $250) and replace your windshield later. 

In Summary:

If you have a damaged windshield you have 2 choices:

1) Get the windshield repair now and pay NOTHING because your insurance company takes care of it for you


2) Wait until that chip runs across your windshield and then pay the deductible of $250-500 for a windshield replacement.

Don’t wait! Save your windshield AND your money today!

It’s FREE!

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