How Long Does Windshield Chip Repair Last

How Long Does Windshield Chip Repair Last

How Long Does Windshield Chip Repair Last?

How Long Does Windshield Chip Repair Last
How Long Does Windshield Chip Repair Last?

If you’re wondering ‘How long does windshield chip repair last ?’….then read on.

Windshield chip repair lasts for the lifetime of the windshield.

Once the resin is inserted into the chip or crack it will cure and harden.

Then, once it has cured, it becomes part of the glass.

Both Good and Bad

A professional windshield chip repair is usually barely noticeable.

This is great because for the lifetime of the windshield you’ll probably forget you ever had any windshield damage at all.

However, a windshield chip repair done at home with a DIY kit usually turns out  looking very noticeable. You may have to live with an ugly windshield scar for a very long time.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to have it done professionally rather than doing it yourself.

Windshield Chip Repair DIY Kits

Windshield chip repair kits are easily bought online or at auto stores. They’re very inexpensive and seem easy enough.

If you choose this route, you could be sorry. Sure, the kits are very inexpensive and include instructions. However, more than likely you’ll end up with an ugly looking repair if you’re not sure what you’re doing. The kits are a lot more difficult than they look.

Because windshield chip repairs last the lifetime of the windshield, a bad repair cannot be redone or undone. So you’re going to be stuck with the results for a very long time.

Professional Windshield Chip Repair

Save yourself the headache and money and contact Windshield Repair Doc for a quality professional windshield chip repair.

If you use your auto insurance and have comprehensive coverage, your repair will be 100% free. The insurance company will pay Windshield Repair Doc directly, you will not be charged a deductible nor will your rates be raised.

Call us today for the best windshield chip repair in Indianapolis!


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  1. My car’s windshield has a crack. Thanks for the advice about how you should get any chips fixed by a licensed professional. I would also suggest getting your windshield replaced if the chip is bigger than a nickel.

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