does my insurance cover chipped windshield

Does My Insurance Cover Chipped Windshield?

Does my insurance cover chipped windshield?

does my insurance cover chipped windshield
Does my insurance cover chipped windshield?

Does my insurance cover chipped windshield? The good news is that 99% of the auto insurance companies that we work with do cover a chipped windshield, and we are affiliated with just about every car insurance company out there.

Auto insurance will cover a windshield chip repair via your comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage generally covers any type of damage that is not caused by an accident or collision. For example, storms, fires, debris or rocks from driving behind a dump truck, just to name a few.

Why you SHOULD use your insurance company:

1- No money out of your pocket. The great thing about using your auto insurance when Windshield Repair Doc fixes your chipped windshield is that you pay no money at all. Not even upfront in order to get reimbursed. Not even your deductible. The insurance company will pay Windshield Repair Doc directly so it is 100% free for you.

2- No increase in your rates. Many of our customers are afraid to use their car insurance because they think their rates will increase. This is simply not true. Your rates will not increase.

Why? A chipped windshield mostly occurs from things outside of your control. It will cost the insurance companies less money for a windshield repair than for a windshield replacement. (See Windshield Repair or Replace)

That is why they would prefer you to get it fixed now instead of replaced later. One of their incentives is that your rates do not increase. The other incentive is that they charge no deductible.

However, we have had a few auto insurance companies (about 1%) who will not cover windshield repair if you have not chosen ‘glass coverage’. This, we think, is pretty sly on the insurance company’s part. They will claim because you have not opted for the glass coverage which is about $6 per year, then they won’t cover the windshield repair. Most customers do not even remember this coverage being offered to them.

So, if you’re wondering ‘Does my insurance cover chipped windshield?’ The answer is most likely YES. Our advice is to get the chipped fixed today before you need a windshield replacement.

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