chipped windshield repair diy

Chipped Windshield Repair DIY

Chipped Windshield Repair DIY – And Why You Shouldn’t Try This at Home-

chipped windshield repair diy
chipped windshield repair diy

Whoops! If you’re thinking about chipped windshield repair DIY– STOP!…..Step away from the windshield repair kit that looks so easy to do yourself. Because it’s not as easy as it looks.

We see it all the time. As a matter of fact, just yesterday, I had a customer stop in for a simple windshield chip repair.

The customer told me that he had tried one of those cheap windshield repair kits from a well known auto parts store just a few months ago.

Due to the sub par tools and equipment, in addition to his lack of expertise and knowledge, the final result was an ugly scar on the windshield that was now unrepairable.

The worst part was that because of this ‘do it yourself’ job, I could not fix this chip anymore. He had already tried to inject and seal the resin and because it was done incorrectly, this chip was set. This customer will unfortunately need to get a new windshield.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Try Chipped Windshield Repair DIY:

  1. Even though a windshield repair kit can be cheap, you could destroy your windshield. You could either seal the chip incorrectly and leave a very bad looking blemish, or even worse, you could cause the chip to turn into a long crack. Both will result in needing a windshield replacement. 
  2. The kits don’t give you all the expertise and experience you need to repair each chip. Chips come in all shapes and sized and you need to know how to handle each one correctly or you will cause more damage.
  3. Low quality drills and resin, which can be found in a kit, will result in a low quality repair.

Save your money and call Windshield Repair Doc today. In most cases, your auto insurance company will cover your repair 100%. No deductible and no increase in your rates. If you decide not to use your insurance, our prices can’t be beat.

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