chip crack windshield repair

Chip Crack Windshield Repair

Chip Crack Windshield Repair

chip crack windshield repair
chip crack windshield repair

How do you know it’s time for a chip crack windshield repair?

Chips and cracks to your windshield can be quite common especially during seasons with inclement weather.

Some chips and cracks can be repaired while others may require a windshield replacement.

Can It Be Repaired?

A chip with cracks may be repaired if it meets these qualifications.

1- The crack must be smaller than a dollar bill.

2- The crack must not run into the edges of the windshield.

What Should You Do?

It’s important to get it fixed right away. If you put it off, the chip crack could run and destroy your windshield.

DIY Windshield Repair Kits

DIY Windshield Repairs Kits are very common and cheap. However, be careful to know what you’re doing. Most kits do not provide the caliber of tools nor the skills and expertise required to repair your windshield correctly.

When repairing a crack, for example, a tiny drill is used to insert holes into the ends of each leg. Next, resin is inserted.

The windshield is made with 3 layers of material. A layer of polymer is sandwiched between two layers of glass . When drilling into this top layer, it is essential to know how far to drill. If you drill too far, you could destroy your windshield.

Call Windshield Repair Doc

If you need a chip crack windshield repair, don’t try doing it yourself. Call the professionals. Windshield Repair Doc not only has the expertise, knowledge and skills to get the job done right but we also┬ácome to you! Nothing could be easier.

Free Chip Crack Windshield Repair

If you opt to use your insurance, your repair could be 100% free. Most insurance companies will cover windshield repair. In addition, they will waive your deductible and your rates will not increase.

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Chip Crack Windshield Repair Cost


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  1. A rock came out of nowhere while I was driving yesterday and it hit my windshield and left a huge crack. I want to make sure my windshield doesn’t shatter while I’m driving, so I think I’ll get a professionals opinion. I also like how you mention that the crack must be smaller than a dollar bill for it to be repairable.

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