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Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Rent a Car

Top Questions You Should Ask Before You Rent a Car
Top Questions You Should Ask Before You Rent a Car

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Rent a Car

Have you ever wondered what you should be asking the rental car company before you rent a car?

We asked our expert, Brooke W.,who has previous experience as a top manager in one of the nation’s leading rental car companies, “What are the top 5 questions you should ask before you rent a car?”and here is a list of what she recommends you should ask:

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Rent a Car

1-What do I need to bring in order to rent a vehicle?

“Always ask this question so that there are no surprises when you show up. Different stuff may be requested depending on the type of payment method you are choosing.”

2-How much will the vehicle cost after taxes?

“Be aware that rental tax is a large cost in itself. Most times you will get quoted just the price for the vehicle for the days that you need it. When renting, especially at airport locations, there are many taxes that will be added to the total cost.”

3-What insurance will cover the vehicle in case anything were to happen?

“Rental car companies sell many different types of protections products. Some will cover the vehicle, some will cover other vehicles, some cover medical expenses, etc. I suggest just getting what covers the rental company’s vehicle. That way, if anything were to happen, you can hand back the keys and it is not your problem. Also, a bonus is that your insurance will never know about any accident if you use the company’s protections instead of your own!”

4-Are there any upgrades available?

“Sometimes a rental company will have nicer vehicles available and you can get them for a better price than you would be able to rent them for online. It’s always worth asking! Also, if you do not care what you drive, let them know. You could end up with a nice vehicle for free if it helps them out, but beware you could also end up with a truck or a minivan.”

5-When does the rental need to be returned to make sure there are no additional fees?

“This one is just helpful to know what consists of a “day”. Is it 24 hours or is it a calendar day? Always worth knowing so that you do not get charged extra for a day you didn’t know about.”


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How to Cover Windshield Repair Through Car Insurance

How to Cover Windshield Repair Through Car Insurance

How to Cover Windshield Repair Through Car Insurance
How to Cover Windshield Repair Through Car Insurance

Wondering how to cover windshield repair through car insurance ? With Windshield Repair Doc, it’s easier than you might think.

Do you have comprehensive coverage?

If you have comprehensive coverage, your windshield repair is most likely free.

This means that your coverage includes damage caused by things outside of your control such as storms, vandalism, animals….and rocks flying onto your windshield from that dump truck driving in front of you.

Comprehensive coverage is different from collision only insurance.

Does your windshield damage qualify for a 100% Free repair?

If you do have comprehensive coverage, then take a close look at your windshield damage. Windshield damage covered by car insurance must meet the criteria below in order to be fully covered:

1- It must be a windshield chip, nick or ding smaller than the size of a quarter. (Read here for Types of Windshield Chips)

2- It must be a small crack no longer than 6 inches (smaller than a dollar bill in length).

IMPORTANT: If it does not meet the above criteria, such damage will not be covered by your car insurance 100%. You will most likely need a windshield replacement. Windshield replacements are NOT 100% free with your comprehensive auto insurance. 

How to cover windshield repair through car insurance ?

If you call Windshield Repair Doc, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We are registered with just about all auto insurance companies throughout the nation. Here’s how it works:

1-At the time of your repair, we will call your auto insurance company with and for you. (Don’t worry, we have all the phone numbers.)

2- We hand you the phone so the insurance company can speak to you in order to get verification and authorization for the repair.

3- You hand us back the phone so the insurance company can give us permission to fix your windshield.

4- We proceed with your repair while you wait, and we later process all paperwork for you. You don’t have to handle any paperwork.

5- The insurance company will pay us for the work directly and you pay nothing, not even a deductible.

6- You receive the same quality work with the same lifetime warranty. Your auto insurance rates do not increase.

It’s simple and painless because we do it all for you. Calling your auto insurance company adds only 5 minutes to the repair job so your entire time for the repair should only take about 20-30 minutes.

Call us today and schedule your appointment. We’re mobile!    


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Semi Truck Windshield Repair Indianapolis

Semi Truck Windshield Repair Indianapolis

semi truck windshield repair Indianapolis
semi truck windshield repair Indianapolis

Semi trucks are at a higher risk than regular vehicles for windshield damage on the highways.

This is largely due to the fact that they are on the road much more than other vehicles and face all kinds of road and weather conditions on a daily basis.

Most semi truck owners mistakenly think the only solution to their windshield damage is to get a windshield replacement. However, a simple windshield chip or crack repair will take care of most windshield damage and get you back on the road in no time. (See Can Windshield Cracks Be Repaired?)

Windshield Repair Doc of Indianapolis and Greenwood will come to your location to fix your semi truck’s windshield. And because we know you’re busy, we’ll work around your schedule.

Semi Truck Windshield Repair Indianapolis Tips:

  1. Get your semi truck’s windshield repaired immediately. The longer you wait, the better the chances are that the small chip or crack will spread across your windshield. Get it fixed before it runs.
  2. Windshield repair is much cheaper than windshield replacement. – By repairing the windshield instead of replacing it, you’ll be saving a huge amount of money. If you own or manage a semi truck fleet, windshield repair could save you thousands of dollars a year.
  3. Windshield repair is quick. Most of our windshield repairs only take between 20-30 minutes for a semi truck windshield. You’ll be back on the road in no time.
  4. Set up a regular no fee service schedule.- Windshield Repair Doc offers no fee regular service for semi truck companies.  We’ll come to your location on your schedule and check your semi trucks for windshield damage. After your approval we’ll repair the windshields with damage. There is no extra cost or fee for a regular service plan as we only charge for completed repairs.  Windshield Repair Doc proudly warranties all work. Contact us today for our special semi truck fleet rates).

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windshield repair indianapolis
Windshield Repair Indianapolis

For the best service and best prices in Indianapolis, call Windshield Repair Doc.


We come to you!

If you drive a car in Indiana, chances are you will probably need windshield repair sooner or later.

If you get a small chip or crack in your windshield, you should get it fixed now before changes in the Indiana weather will cause it to spread further.

Why Choose Windshield Repair Doc for

Windshield Repair Indianapolis?

When you call us, you will get a live person who is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service. You’ll never get an annoying automated service requiring you to press  “1 for English and 2 for Espaniol”. Real people…just like you…. answer our phones!

Because we are locally owned and operated we understand your needs better. We are from Indianapolis and we live here too.  We are proud to be Hoosiers just like you.

We are skilled and highly trained in windshield chip repair. Because our focus is windshield chip repair, our goal is to get it right every time. Unlike the other companies, our aim in repairing your windshield is for you NOT to need a windshield replacement- EVER.

Because we have a ‘Free with Insurance’ option, you can either choose to pay out of pocket for your windshield repair OR you can opt to have it go through your insurance company who will pay us directly. Our prices and options are very affordable.

Windshield Repair Doc is mobile. We can come to you no matter where you are…as long as you are within our service area. We are quick, convenient and painless!

Every windshield chip repair is warrantied for the life of your windshield. If it ever cracks out, we will refund your windshield chip repair.


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How to Stop a Crack in Windshield From Spreading?

How to Stop a Crack in Windshield From Spreading?how to stop a crack in windshield from spreading

If you get a chip in your windshield and don’t address it right away, it will most likely turn into a crack and destroy your windshield.

If the crack is only a couple of inches long (less than the length of a dollar bill), there are some tips you can follow to stop it from spreading even more.


However, if it is longer than the length of a dollar bill, then you will need to get a windshield replacement.  If it originates in the edge of your windshield, it cannot be repaired as well.

How to Stop a Crack in Windshield From Spreading?

1- Don’t mess with it. Some people want to get a better feel for the damage by pressing it with their thumb or finger. This can cause just enough pressure to allow it to take off running across your windshield.

2- In extreme temperatures, don’t change the inside temperature of your car too quickly. Instead, let your car gradually warm up or cool down. Rapid changes in temperatures to your windshield will cause a small chip or crack to spread further.

3- Driving over bumps or rough terrain can cause enough vibration in your car to cause your windshield chip or crack to spread further.

What You Should Do to Stop a Crack in Windshield From Spreading?

Get it repaired as soon as you notice it. Stay away from DIY kits as they won’t hold the repair well, nor do they provide the tools to suction  the air out before you insert resin.  This will result in a bad looking repair job. 

Call Windshield Repair Doc! We work with most of the auto insurance companies nationwide and can offer you free windshield repair.  Give us a call today!


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