Can Windshield Cracks Be Repaired?

We get customers everyday asking, ‘Can windshield cracks be repaired?’ It all depends on the size and location of the crack.

Size Does Matter:

  • If the crack is 4 inches or less, then yes, we can certainly repair it under warranty.
  • However, if it is longer than 4 inches, we will do our best to repair it but cannot warranty it as it has already compromised the windshield structure and safety.
  • After inspecting the windshield crack, we may be able to offer you our ‘Stop Crack’ service. This simply means that it is too long to fix, but we can stop it from running further by inserting resin to each side of the crack.
  • A windshield replacement will certainly be required in the future, but this will stop the crack from running further until you can get it replaced.

Location of Crack:

  • If the 4 inch or less windshield crack is not touching the edge of your windshield, then it can be repaired. However, if it runs into the sides of the windshield then it is too late. You will need a windshield replacement.
  • Windshield cracks are initiated from a windshield chip. If you do not want to see your windshield crack, then fix the chip as soon as you see it. The longer you wait, the more chances of it running.

We can save you a lot of money by repairing your chip or windshield crack before you must replace it.

If you use your insurance, your windshield repair is FREE as your insurance company pays us directly. And your rates do not increase.

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