Reasons Why an Auto Glass Chip Repair May Not Work

Reasons Why an Auto Glass Chip Repair May Not Workauto glass chip repair

Auto glass chip repair – Does it Always Work?

Although just about everyone needs auto glass chip repair at some point, there are a few instances where we advise our customers not to get a repair because it may not work.

Common Reasons Your Auto Glass Chip Repair May Not Work

1- The chip runs into the edge of the windshield.– We usually recommend not getting an auto glass chip repair if the chip runs into the edge of the windshield.

If this is the case, the resin which is inserted into the glass damage, will not  seal properly and the repair will not hold.

2- The crack is too long.– When we repair a small crack (a few inches in length), we insert resin into each end of the crack and the resin fills in the crack and gradually meets in the middle.

However, if your auto glass damage is a crack which is longer than a dollar bill, the resin cannot meet in the middle and seal properly. We recommend a new windshield at this point because a repair would be a waste of your money.

3- Poor Equipment- We have seen many customers come to us who have tried doing it themselves with a do-it-yourself repair kit. The auto glass repair usually turns out to be an eyesore or the repair does not hold because the equipment included in these kits is not the best quality.

Step Away from the DYI Kits!

Don’t try to do it yourself as your mistake cannot be undone. Call Windshield Repair Doc to do it right the first time!

4- The tech is only using pit filler.– Some companies repair an auto glass chip just by smearing pit filler on top of it. It ends up looking pretty bad and eventually the chip cracks out.

Windshield Repair Doc is different than the rest because we use only professional grade resin and the highest quality tools and equipment on the market. We’ll do it right.

5- Surface chips. – A surface chip is simply a cosmetic auto glass chip that barely skims the surface of your windshield. It does not penetrate into the center or near center of the glass.

Since it will not cause a long crack nor does it damage the structural integrity of glass, we do not recommend spending your money on getting a surface chip repaired. In this case, your auto glass chip will not work because it is simply not needed.

If you are still not sure whether you need windshield chip repair, just give us a call. Many times we can help you out just by looking at a picture of the glass damage that you send from your phone. If it is something we can fix, we’ll do it. If we don’t recommend it, we’ll let you know!

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